Antarctica Dispatch

Journal of my Antarctic experience working to support the United States Antarctic Program.

The South Pole!


Once again we boarded the LC-130 for this our second attempt for the Pole. Since everyone took pictures the day before, most of us just read or tried to sleep. Still I though I needed to take a 'squirrel' shot.

We cheated death once again, landing at the South Pole. There to greet me was my boss Bill, Chris (whom I was replacing), and Tanya who I knew from working at ING with back in 2000-2003. We went in for lunch, then grabbed our luggage and went to our 'berthing'. Mine was in the elevated station although I kind of looked forward to staying under the Dome, which would be the last season it would hold residents.

Next we had an orientation to go to where the Doc talked about acclimating to the elevation – taking it easy, no working, etc. Well that was not be for me since the guy I was replacing was leaving in a week or so.



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