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I’ve had a few Thanksgivings away from home, some of them just by myself. This time it was different because it felt more of a community. A few days before people came into the galley to help peel vegetables and make pies. There were sign up sheets for three seatings since it was impossible to fit 250+ people in the galley at once, and volunteer wine stewards.

The night before ‘summer camp’ hosted a party. It’s an area about ¼ mile from the station where most of the ‘summer’ workers live. The buildings are called ‘Jamesways’ which look like Quonset huts, but instead of fabricated metal, canvas and wood are the materials.

I hoped my additional clothes would have arrived by now so I could properly dress for the occasion. Instead I wore jean and a flannel shirt, but I wasn’t the only one. Before each meal, hor devours were served (brie, salmon, shrimp, etc.). The science groups had purchased all the wine, which there was plenty of. The food was great as was the company.


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