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Journal of my Antarctic experience working to support the United States Antarctic Program.

Last Flight


Well it finally happened. Originally we had a 'soft' close of the South Pole station on February 15, but the NSF & NY ANG were going to keep flying through the 24th. Two flights were scheduled today, the last one being the passenger flight. At the last minute things were switched and the 9 or so people that were heading out had to scramble to get prepared. We watched them depart and waved. As we watched them go, I bumped Lt. Koes (NOAA officer). We looked at each other and without saying a word knew that was it. Winter just began for us. We were stranded for the next 8 months.

Usually the last flight is a day of relaxation, but it was business as usual. However one tradition continues - watching "The Thing" - both the original and John Carpenter's. I'd never seen the black & white one. It's kinda funny and has some interesting sexual banter. I'd seen the John Carpenter one, but I saw it in a new light after being down here.

As for work, I'm trying to work more during when the satelite link is up, which is from 8 PM until 7 AM. Kinda brutal hours. Because of my EMT background I was placed on one of the two trauma teams, so I'll be splitting time between Fire & Medical. It's all volunteer as we have no dedicated fire personnel like McMurdo.


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