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Once more again I get to partake in viewing the Aurora Australis, which is mostly only viewable to the few individuals in Antarctica during the dark winter months. This time I brought down a Canon Rebel XT SLR camera I bought last year and read the manual along with the one for my Canon A610 PowerShot. I also utilized the expertise of a veteran photographer. Here's what I came out with:

Taken using my Rebel XT EOS - ISO 400, 30 sec shutter, f/2.0

A610 PowerShot - 15" shutter

The SLR allows for greater manipulation of the picture. As you can see I got more detail from the SLR camera. Since I didn't have a remote switch for the SLR to prevent camera shake, I used the self-timer, which was a pain waiting the 10 seconds and watching the LED blink before a picture was taken. Also it was impossible to focus - a dark image doesn't show up well in the viewfinder - so I had to make a guess. I'm quite impressed with my first 'go' at this. The A610 is still a versatile camera because it's easier to carry around than the bulky SLR. Also I can shoot .avi files with it, take it underwater with it's water-proof case, and have a wide-angle & tele-lens to go with it. Wow, I sound like a camera geek or at least a critic.


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