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Land of the Lost


Another two day weekend! These are really special treats that only winter personnel get. Usually it's 9 hour days, 6 days a week, but we get a two day weekend at the beginning of each month. This reminds us a bit of the regular 40 hour work week back home. Hmmm, I wonder how I'll adjust when I get back to a 'regular' job.

One of the guys brought down the complete DVD of 'Land of the Lost'. I remember watching this TV series every Saturday growing up. Watching it now I can't believe I was a fan of it. The 'campy' look and simple special effects are just too funny to look at, but I guess it doesn't matter for a kid. Heck all I needed back then was my imagination.

Well the day's festivities continued with horseshoes at the Vehicle Maintenance Facility. It was a $10 buy-in with a lottery selection for partners. I'd never thrown before so I got there an hour before to get some practice in. Well I did OK, better that the guy I was paired up with, but we only lasted two rounds.

Me 'throwing' with Jim in the background


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