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VA Tech


I don't think I need to repeat the news information on this horrible incident. I remember back to 1999 when I was working for US West in downtown Denver when the Columbine shooting took place. There were some people at work from that area so it was a bit difficult for people to be productive.

Now this thing happened. Wow! Probably many reactions here were, "Well I'm glad I'm down here, away from all that craziness". However, Antarctica has had its share of craziness. Years ago at the Russian Vostok station, one of the men killed another over chess, one of the galley staff here at McMurdo attacked a co-worker with a hammer, which some attribute to 'Polar Madness'. I guess that's why we don't have guns down here.

Probably the worst part of this whole tragedy is the mind-numbing news programs that talk about nothing. About our only reprieve is we get BBC which puts a different spin on things than the US centric MSNBC, CNN, & FOX.


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