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Hagglund ride


Tonight I took a 'boondogle' out to Castle Rock. This was an opportunity to get out of 'town' and check out aurorae. We took a Hagglund out. If you watched Eight Below, Jason Bigg's character talks about the Ferrari of snowcats. It was a nothing more than a Hagglund. The Antarctic Center even offers rides in these things. Amazing! The ones we have here have a new paint job, but are pretty worn out. As far as I know they get the job done, but I'll have to ask the mechanics.

Taken with my Canon Rebel XT

We had a full moon out, making it almost appear like daylight. This was another great opportunity to try out my photography skills.

Photo by Chad Carpenter


At Wednesday, December 24, 2008 5:59:00 AM, Blogger Chad said...

That was a very memorable trip. The full moon made everything glow.


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