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Fantasy Football


Well it's slowly getting brighter and brighter outside. I got an email from a buddy back in Colorado to join his Fantasy Football league. Today was the draft. I haven't kept up with the teams and players for years, not to mention this was the first time joining a league.

My introduction to fantasy sports was working a few months for a small firm in Boulder, Sportsware. I knew that by participating I'd 1) learn a lot about Fantasy Sports, 2) get caught up on all the NFL players, and 3) see much of my free time spirited away.

A little over 2 hours later the draft was done! It was all done online, with people throughout the US. I of course was the celebrity being thousands of miles away. I got a few good players, but I hit the 'auto pilot' at the end, thinking the satellite link would be down before finishing. I got two extra QBs which I later dropped for some free agents. We'll see how it goes especially since $$ is involved.


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