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Fun and Games


Another two-day weekend to help us recuperate. Only one more left. Sigh.......

My plan was to sleep and read my Lonely Planet guidebook to plan for travels once off the 'ice'. Instead we had a plethora of activities, starting with the Scottish Games on Saturday where 'meat pie' was eaten, 'scotch' was brought out to drink, 'Scottish Dancing' was watched, and the 'Caber Toss' was performed.

One of the guys tried to trace everyones geneology back to Scotland. I did find my family crest on my mother's side which goes back to England so I guess I can count myself lucky unlike a few who came from other backgrounds than Great Britain.

An assortment of Scotch with myself & cook Michael Rehm

The late afternoon brought fourteen of us down to the 'Dodgy Bastards Bar' for the second 2006, South Pole Poker Tournament. The buy-in was $40. I think I was the 7th one out. Oh well, a good learning experience. I guess I need to watch 'Rounders' again.

Sunday was no better as I joined another Fantasy Football League one of the guys down here started. As if I wasn't already trying to figure one out already, I had to go ahead and add more extra curricular activities to my plate. Just shoot me! At least we used an online league through Yahoo Sports.

I finished the day off my playing 'HALO 2' into the wee hours of Monday morning. At least it's out of my system! I gave it back to the guy who brought it down and told him not to give it to me again.


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