Antarctica Dispatch

Journal of my Antarctic experience working to support the United States Antarctic Program.



I'm back in McMurdo, the great mining camp of Antarctica, although no mining occurs. Upon stepping out of the plane the first two things I noticed was the ease of breathing and the warmth, although it was only 20 F. We saw a C-17 out on the ice runway with the people who left the Pole on Saturday waiting to board. Too bad we couldn't join them and be back in Christchurch, NZ that night.

However, I was looking forward to seeing my old college chum Wade who came back to McMurdo during Winfly as an electrician. I also stopped in to visit with the McMurdo IT personnel and my possible future boss if I come back.

Well we're slated to leave here around 7 PM, which will make it a late night getting into Christchurch. I'm excited yet a little sad to be leaving.


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