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Journal of my Antarctic experience working to support the United States Antarctic Program.

And then there were 62


Today a modified DC-3 called a Basler and a Twin Otter from Ken Borek Air flew in from the penninsula. They came all the way from Calgary, Canada. During the summer they operate out of McMurdo, and unlike the LC-130 must come over the Antarctic continent, hitting fuel depots due to their limited range.

Everyone rushed out to meet the Basler. It would be the first time seeing another human being in eight months. A crew member came over, and I was the first to shake his hand.

One of the guys I came down with, Craig needed to get out early because his daughter is getting married. The 109th NYANG who fly the LC-130s are due to fly in tomorrow, but there was room for two guys on the Basler, so Craig and one other guy got to go. It wasn't until later we learned that the other guy hadn't even cleaned his room before he left. It was a disaster area. One poor soul had accepted $20 to do the cleaning, but upon opening the door knew he had been 'taken'. We snapped photos of the biohazard area and displayed them on the TV screens in the Galley.

Craig & I in front of the Basler


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