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South Pole Invitational Golf Tournament


I know of people playing 'Winter Golf' and of 'Winter Rules'. Some of the guys down here discovered some golf clubs and balls. They put together a 9-hole course. It was pretty elaborate, and it helped give us something to do on the last day of our last two-day weekend.

I volunteered to film the spectacle, and that it was. After about 4 holes, the batteries in my digital 'still' camera and the video camera had lost power due to the cold, which was about -80 F. After getting done, one of the guys said, "That's probably one of the dumbest things we've done!". Still I'd have to say it was still fun.


At Tuesday, October 17, 2006 5:42:00 AM, Anonymous will said...

did you at least get the t-shirt?

At Friday, June 22, 2007 4:04:00 AM, Anonymous Jamaica Amy said...

Hey, who cares if it was dumb - it doesn't matter what you're doing as long as its fun! Better luck next time with those cameras.


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