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Distress Call


A few pagers around station went off an people dropped what they were doing and headed towards their designated staging area. This was the Search and Rescue Team (SAR). However, it wasn't a problem at McMurdo, but out at sea.

The environmental group Sea Shepherd Conservation Society was out pursuing Japanese whaling vessels in the Antarctic waters. They lost contact with one of their zodiac craft with two personnel. McMurdo was notified because the coast Guard was in the vicinity and we had helicopters that were close enough to assist with the search. What's funny is when the environmental group issued a maritime distress call, the Japanese ships they were harassing had to help them search for the crew.

Needless to say, McMurdo didn't need to get involved, but it was a good reprieve from the norm. To read up on the story click here.


At Sunday, March 25, 2007 5:21:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read about those Sea Sheppard guys. They're a lot more hard core than Greenpeace. Maybe they'll actually manage to sink one of those whaling ships some day. -Kimo


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