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Journal of my Antarctic experience working to support the United States Antarctic Program.



The days march onward, and sometimes it's the same old drudge work, although there's some new technology that I'm just itching to learn, which will only help me when I get off the 'Ice'. I know in the back of my mind that if I don't plan out things, it will be September with nothing accomplished. I opened a notebook that I skua'd which had the following on the first page:
"Work keeps us from three great evils: boredom, vice, and poverty.-- Voltaire"
I think that says it all for us down here.

On another note, this weekend was one of our rare two-day weekends. Usually we work Monday-Saturday, so this felt like work back home. There was an organized run on Saturday called the BF5K. It was started last year by one of the guys here - Kevin, who's nickname is 'BFK'. As you might guess, he's a little on the heavy side. Anyway it was a theme run. Runners had to wear a costume and also needed a 'sponsor'. We ran the length of the 1st and 2nd floors of the station 18 times. Every 3 laps our 'sponsor' had to drink (beverage of choice).

Later in the evening we had a Scotch tasting event. Can you see a pattern here with alcohol?


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