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Better Dorms & Gardens


Even with a reduced population of only 119 people, it's difficult to get to know everybody. Thankfully someone organized an open house for Dorm 208, which is where I live. Those who chose to participate opened their rooms up, and it was quite surprising to learn the extent some people go in redecorating their room.

Twin Beds joined to make 'king'

Unlike most dorms where the are common bathroom facilities, the dorm rooms in my building are arranged so a bathroom is shared between two rooms. During the summer two people share a room making for tight accommodations. 'Lucky' or married couples are able to have a bathroom to themselves.

'Love Shack'

Although we're down here for only a few months, I can understand why people want to make their rooms as comfortable as possible. It was kind of hard to do so down at the Pole with everything so new, but here people move couches into their room, repaint, build shelves, and hang cloth on the walls to make it a 'home'.

Note Christmas lights and greenery


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