Antarctica Dispatch

Journal of my Antarctic experience working to support the United States Antarctic Program.

Castle Rock


Our first two day weekend. A couple of us got together and headed out to Castle Rock. There are a few recreational trails down here for us to enjoy. Because there are potential dangers all personnel are required to attend an Outdoor Safety Lecture (OSL). Some of the trails can be done solo, but the majority require us to file a 'foot plan' online then stop by the firehouse to check out and maybe take a radio.

The Castle Rock Loop, is one of the longest trails of the 'Ross Island Trail System' - over 7 miles. The highlight is climbing atop this outcropping

On the way back we stopped by the New Zealand 'Kiwi' Scott Base. Unlike the U.S., New Zealand claimed a portion of Antarctica, hence their station is considered New Zealand sovereign territory. This winter there are over 20 people at the base, double the amount from other winters.


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