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Vessel Offload


Air Freight is by far the quickest means of getting things from one part of the world to the other. As far a volume goes, water transportation continues to be the cheapest. Once a year two important ships arrive at 'Winter Quarter's Bay' where Robert F. Scott first brought his ship the 'Discovery' - a fuel tanker (USNS Paul Buck) and a cargo ship (American Tern).

USNS Paul Buck at Winter Quarter's Bay

The whole reason we have icebreakers is to cut a path for these two important vessels to dock and unload. The US Navy sends down a battalion of support personnel to perform vessel offload. During this time all the bars shut down and safety is of the utmost concern. It's a 24 hour operation, and it's quite an 'orchestra' to watch.

American Tern at Winter Quarter's Bay - McMurdo Station in background


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