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Penguin in our Midst


One thing I looked forward at McMurdo and which brought me back down to Antarctica was the possibility to see wildlife unlike last year at the South Pole. My college bud Wade who came down in August at Winfly had seen wildlife up close and personal. Coming back on the tail end of summer, I wasn't likely to see much. Most of the penguins especially the Adelie had finished giving birth and were headed back out to sea. Still I hoped to see one close enough to touch, which by the way is not permitted. We are not supposed to interfere with wildlife. Doing so will result in termination.

However, my prayers were answered when a single Adelie was found molting near the dorms by Winter Quarters Bay

Usually you'll find penguins doing this thing together at the same time. For some reason this one was late in doing so.


At Sunday, May 06, 2007 5:09:00 PM, Anonymous Kimo said...

That's nice. Just don't try to challenge it to a dance contest.


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