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Memorial Day – South Pole Style


Ah Memorial Day……Time to get out the grill, run the Boulder Bolder, or head out to the Mountains to commune with Nature. Back home it was a rite of passage into summer when pools would open, and poeple would pack the highways trying to get out of the city. Wait a minute; I’m at the South Pole. I don’t have Monday off like the rest of the U.S.

I guess we celebrated Memorial Day yesterday. OK we didn’t hold service or reflect on those who paid the ultimate sacrifice. We got up, had a leisurely brunch thanks to our esteemed Michael Rehm who's trademark is the "Biggest Breakfast in Antactica". We then had a giant blowout sale of store items. Many people loaded up on T-shirts and items for others back home. Later I went and watched Antarctica videos from the library and played Playstation. I'm getting addicted to this thing, especially a game called 'Soul Caliber' whom two other people on station love to play. However my relaxation was interrupted when I was urgently called to the kitchen to perform surgury. OK, they needed me to filet fish for 'Sushi Night'.

Yes, it's a harsh continent down here!


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