Antarctica Dispatch

Journal of my Antarctic experience working to support the United States Antarctic Program.

Happy Birthday ATM!


Although the McMurdo Store has a credit card reader, it's still mostly a 'cash' business down here. People need $$ to rent gear (instruments, skis, etc.), pay a bar tab, bowling, etc. There are a couple of ways to get cash - bring enough down with you, use a RCD (Remote Cash Disburshment) from your paycheck, or use the ATM. Yes, an ATM. Who knew that 40 years ago John Shepherd-Barron invented this device.

Here are the two McMurdo ATM machines, brought to us by Wells Fargo.

Believe it or not, I located it online. However the zip code and directions weren't correct.

I remember when these started coming out. Now they're all over the place. I think my parents continue to write checks out to 'Cash' instead of using these machines. Although ATMs make it easier for people to recieve currency, I remember from my Macroeconomics class how ATM use increases the velocity of the M1 money supply.

Tie Dye


I can't remember if I ever made Tie-Dye shirts in grammar school, but it's a tradition at McMurdo to make tie-dye shirts. So we watched a video and went to work. Here's what a few of us came up with.