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Live Earth


Upon coming down to Antarctica I see more an more environmental awareness going on. Here I am on the continent where the 'ozone hole' was discovered and which appears to be the center of attention for Global Warming. Now Al Gore has launched Live Earth, trying to have 'live' rock concerts on every continent.

When we all heard about this endeavor, we shook our heads, thinking, "are they crazy"? Once again even the powers that be fail to realize that it's winter down here. It's extremely difficult not to mention ridiculously expensive to fly personnel and equipment down here. A band 'Nunatek' at the BAS Rothera station was chosen. I don't know the reasoning behind that. McMurdo is the largest base on the continent, and the best one to provide a live satellite video uplink. 'Nunatek' was filmed months before this actual event. In addition it was all fake. None of the instruments were plugged into amps nor were they actually playing since it was done outside where it's way too cold.

Still I guess it served it's purpose to bring environmental awareness.


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