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Where did the weekend go?


This weekend was one of our rare two day weekends. We get the first weekend of every month, and we’ve got only three of them left. We’re approaching mid-Winter (June 21), and the half-way point of my tour here has come and gone. Here’s a group picture of the 2006 South Pole Winter-Overs, minus a few people.

We’ll the weekend started off with a jaunt down to the Dodgy Bastards Bar, where yours truly joined in the musical ensemble to ‘Changes in Latitude’, then a game of Twister ensued. I think the next time I participate there better be an equal male/female ratio.

After sleeping in on Saturday, which felt wonderful, I had to get a switch setup for ‘Frag Fest’ which was an all out computer gaming festival – Quake 4, Doom 3, Medal of Honor, Civilization 4, Rome, etc. I sat down and started playing Quake 4 around 2 PM, and the addict I am, I played until I finished – 12 hours later. Arghhhh! That’s why I don’t buy any games or own a Xbox or Playstation.


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